The Gas Station Pyromaniac

Molotov Cocktail + Flamethrower + High Accuracy Macana

Andyman's Summary: This is an unconventional weapon setup, typically requires that you are able to survive for several consecutive turns, and can get fairly expensive to utilize. The idea behind this build is rooted in the fact that Molotov Cocktails have a very high damage and accuracy rating. Investing 55 merits into Temporary mastery further increases this damage/accuracy and the 10-star Gas Station adds an astounding +50% damage! This build is only viable due to the introduction of molotov cocktails sourced from rackets. A Handbag would add a considerable amount of expense to the build, but would effectively allow you to throw two molotovs in 3 turns.

This loadout is based on Andyman's Weapons Build Guide.


Molotov Cocktail

The poor man's hand grenade. Easy to make with an empty bottle, some gasoline, and a wick to plug the neck of the bottle. The trick is knowing how long to wait, after you light the wick, before throwing the Molotov cocktail at your target--you don't want it to bounce off, but to explode in a ball of fire.


Built like a backpack, with dual tanks to hold the highly flammable gas. Be careful though, a well placed bullet could be the end of this powerful weapon.. and the person carrying it.


This South American dagger with a handle of the finest Amazon timber is sharper than it looks. This extremely light, hand crafted weapon is very accurate.


A platinum plated handbag to keep thieves at bay. Its diamond studs will deliver a nasty blow to any opponent.


Trench Coat

A thick trench coat that covers most of the body.

Ripped Jeans

These ripped jeans weren't ripped by a fashion brand to make them appear trendy and distressed. These jeans were ripped by life itself, therefore proving the wearer's commitment to "keeping it real". They are made out of 75% denim and 25% human angst.

Hair Styles*

The Bastard


General Mechanics ( GEN2116 )

+ 5% hit increase with all temporary weapons

Study of Heavy Artillery ( CBT2860 )

+ 5% increase in accuracy with Heavy Artillery


10-star Gas Station


10/10 in temporary mastery

* cosmetic and purely optional
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