Pair of Ice skates

Since January 2, 2021 07:23 109 times$3,000,000
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Damage: 45.46 Accuracy: 47.29 Stealth: 7.0 Quality: 44.65%

Damage 45.49 | Accuracy 47.29 | Quality 44.65 | ProxiQuality

Pair of Ice Skates ( Slashing )

Elegantly glide your way over frozen lakes with these professional grade ice skates.


  • Damage range: 44.78 - 46.30
  • Accuracy range: 45.00 - 50.00
  • Stealth: 7.0
  • Location: Xmas 2011
  • Sell price: $75
  • Circulation: 4,154

Listed by Druggy[1664115]
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About the seller

  • TORN Name : Druggy
  • TORN id: 1664115



We want new members to join our ranks, and you look like you could fit in well with us. We want to make sure your needs and wants in Torn are also being met.

Our main priority here is to enjoy the game without too much pressure. We spend most of the time chilling, training, running events for funsies, and sharing a laugh in chat. We only chain about once a month, and rarely war (only if we have to).

If that sounds somewhat interesting, check out the perks we have to offer:

  • +14% Steadfast
    (Speed & Defense or Strength & Dexterity, rotates every month)
  • -30% side-effects from drugs
  • -50% drug addiction
  • -27% OD chance
  • -16% rehab cost
  • +24 nerve
  • +48 Hours booster CD
  • +50% Cans, Candy and Alcohol
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You're welcome to come visit and see what it's like first! Feel free to get in touch if you want to know more, or apply directly on our faction page.


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